Hydroseeding is an extremely cost-effective method that reliably produces brilliant lawns. Our team will spray our specialised mix over the ground, ensuring lush green lawns in a matter of weeks.

Herbicide spraying of sports grounds

Our herbicides will ensure that your grounds not only look beautiful, but provide safe footing for all the athletes using your sports facilities. We only used approved herbicides that don’t pose health risks to those using your sports grounds.

Oversowing of sports grounds

Oversowing is a quick and efficient technique to rejuvenate the grass on your sports fields. It simultaneously prevents the spread of weeds and restores the quality of your lawn.

Grounds maintenance

You can trust the experienced team at JAWS Grass Specialists for professional grounds maintenance. We have the knowledge and skills to maintain your grounds in their optimal condition all year round.

Spraying all facets of sporting ovals

At JAWS Grass Specialists we are experienced in spraying all facets of sporting ovals. This will maintain your oval in top quality condition and prevent unwarranted deterioration.

Lashing house blocks and large areas

We lash house blocks and large areas for your convenience. Our team uses the best materials and techniques for quality results.

Drill seeding recreation and sports ovals

Drill seeding is a cost-effective way to plant grass seeds to create beautiful, even recreation and sports ovals. We use the latest techniques and equipment to produce perfect results.

Finishing mower suitable for mowing of sports ovals

At JAWS Grass Specialists we have a professional finishing mower to provide your sports oval with beautiful even grass to delight all athletes and spectators alike.

Oval rejuvenation

Whether the grass on your sports oval has deteriorated due to excessive use, poor maintenance, harsh weather conditions, or any other reason, you can trust the team at JAWS Grass Specialists to restore it to a top quality surface.

We use the state of the art Vredo overseeder to seed sporting ovals.