Herbicide Spraying of Sporting Grounds

Maintain top quality sports grounds with our herbicides

At JAWS Grass we specialise in maintaining superb sports fields. We understand just how important it is that your grounds are maintained in optimal condition. Our herbicides will ensure that your grounds not only look beautiful, but provide safe footing for all the athletes using your sports facilities.

Prevent sports injuries with herbicides

If you allow weeds to germinate and grow in your sports grounds, then the lawn will end up being less dense. This lack of density would severely compromise the safe footing of all those using your sports grounds. It is always important to maintain good quality sports fields, but even more so when it comes to high profile locations, fixtures, and events. Allow the team at JAWS Grass to provide your grounds with the lush, dense and even grass that you need.

Don’t wait until weeds appear – prevention is paramount.

The appearance of weeds will have a negative impact on the quality and function of your sports grounds. Both annual and perennial weeds need to be tackled for maximum effect. This means that weeds need to be controlled in two ways: the prevention of weed germination, and the elimination of established weeds. Contact JAWS Grass today for professional advice and assistance in maintaining your sports grounds in top quality condition.

Safety is paramount when it comes to herbicides

When using herbicides to control weeds on sports grounds, safety is of the utmost concern. That’s why you need to trust a reputable firm like JAWS Grass to take care of the job for you. We only used approved herbicides that don’t pose health risks to those using your sports grounds.