Oversowing of Sporting Grounds

What is oversowing?

Oversowing is the quickest and easiest way to rejuvenate the grass on your sports fields. It involves sowing grass seeds over already existing fields. The team at JAWS Grass will use top quality lawn repair seed and sow it over you sports grounds. In this way you will be assured of top quality even surfaces for all your athletes.

Why oversowing is the best solution for your sports grounds

Oversowing is a quick and efficient technique that produces great results. You will get thick, strong, quality grass to provide athletes with the best possible surface. All areas of brown or dead grass on your field will quickly become bare if left unattended. These bare patches on your field will soon be riddled with weeds unless treated by oversowing. Oversowing will fill any bare patches in your lawn, regardless of the size, and therefore prevent the spread of weeds on your fields. In this way, oversowing provides preventative and restorative care in one treatment.

Contact JAWS Grass for quality lawns in no time at all

Oversowing requires top quality products and professional application. Our expert team specialises in oversowing, providing you with incredible results. We will take care of everything! You simply need to water your grass, and you will see the first signs of new grass within as little as a week. You can rely on the team at JAWS Grass to use only the best quality seeds and the very best techniques for incredible results.